Hello. I am Si, a designer on NHS.UK.

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of representing NHS.UK at EHI Live in Birmingham, in a session alongside Matthew Parsons from GDS, Bea Karol Banks from the Tinder Foundation, and Paul Thomas from Microsoft.

Each of the speakers had time to talk before a question and answer session. In 20 minutes, I tried to squeeze in where the NHS.UK team has come from and where it’s going.

Thanks to everyone else on the panel for their talks and answers – and the audience at the session.

If you’re interested, the slides from my talk are on Speakerdeck.

Slide 6 is deliberately blank. I recalled the last conversation I had with my grandad earlier this year, while he was in hospital. At the time, I told my grandad I was leaving HMRC to join the NHS.UK team, where I am now. “Oh right,” he said. “Doing what?”

I hadn’t expected him to be interested. I wasn’t prepared. I managed to waffle on to him for a minute or so. I wasn’t being very clear, let alone concise, which my grandad made clear with his response (on slide 7). “So, what is it you are doing?”

Six months on from that chat, it felt good to be clear – to share our work on NHS.UK now and plans for the future.


People shouldn’t have to understand the health and care system to get the help they need. NHS.UK will help to join the dots. We are building a digital health and care service that better connects people to the information and services they need.

We will provide clear and simple health information connected to relevant digital services. We will offer personalised information and services, supporting people to manage their own health and care.

If I was to choose one slide that summed up what we are doing, it would be this:


There was a lot to squeeze into 20 minutes, but hopefully the talk and the slides will give you a flavour of that.

As always, feel free to get in touch if you want to know or talk more. You can email me at simon.wilson@digital.nhs.uk and I am @ermlikeyeah on Twitter.

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