Hi, I’m Matt Harrington, a Product Manager on NHS.UK. I’ve blogged previously about our work on NHS.UK and today I want to introduce our new project, Register with a GP.


Back in the early days of our discovery for NHS.UK we started to investigate the existing GP registration process and made a prototype that we tested with users. Since then, our focus has been on scaling up our work on the NHS.UK beta. However, that changed last week when we got big enough to spin up a new team to start on Register with a GP.

We’ve spent our first sprint getting the basics set up. We’ve been talking to users and healthcare professionals to understand how people are currently registering and what works, and doesn’t work, for practices.

There are already some great resources out there and a special thanks goes to the Citizens Advice Bureau for their excellent report Registering Frustration, which gives an overview of the challenges faced by users. We’ve already conducted our first pop-up research session to learn more about the patient experience of registration to see where the opportunities are to make improvements.

Alongside the user research with patients, we’ve spoken with practices about how they view the registration process. Improving the service for users is essential but it also needs to work for practices. We don’t want to add more administration or unnecessary processing steps.

We’ve also gone back to basics, starting with the GMS1 form. The family doctor services registration form is used by a large number of practices so we are keen to understand what is good about it and what can be improved. However, it’s not used exclusively and isn’t mandated – so we’re very keen to see what other practices are using. If you are registered with, or work at, a practice that does something different, or you’re just interested in helping out, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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